Designer Richard Wright has been working with leather in some form or fashion since he was a little boy.
He was taught leather working by a neighbor who would make gun cases and knife holders for his hunting buddies. Richard would watch and then create his own little projects out of leather.

Richard is also of Native American descent and has created many works of art in the traditional manner of his Forefathers. Traditional clothing had always spurred a curiosity for fashion and further inspired the pursuit of fashion.  Another form of inspiration was music. Why not they go hand and hand.

Wrighteous Denim and Leather was formed in 2001.  Initial designs were, and still are, custom based. The influences of  this Metro Detroit based designer has spawned something new to the fashion world.  Incorporating denim as well has uniquely set Wrighteous Denim and Leather in a category of it’s own. What is more American than Blue jeans?

Wrighteous Denim and Leather creates unique designs for those who want to stand out from the rest of the crowd. We take our concepts and fine tune them to each indiviual.

Wrighteous Denim and Leather is proudly created in the U.S.A. and we will strive to support U.S. made products. Each concept of the design process is followed from start to finish by designer Richard Wright to ensure the quality that you deserve.